Tailoo, the USB for Roomba

We would like to introduce you to the Tailoo, an adaptor to connect your PC to your Roomba via USB interface.

Tailoo provides a mini USB port you can use to control the Roomba through your PC, laptop, Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards and so on.

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Have you ever wondered if your Roomba could do more than just clean up your house?
How about following an object, or performing facial recognition. How about if your Roomba was able to map your house or be controlled by your smartphone.

First thing to do is connect the Roomba to your computer. For this, we would like to introduce you to Tailoo, an adaptor to connect your PC to your Roomba via an USB interface.

Disclaimer: iRobot protects their customers voiding warranty if you use a third-party component on your Roomba. However, so far the developers have no iRobot solution to program their regular Roombas. Getting a third-party solution or building their own cable are the only ways to go. We from Hoo-Box were looking in the market for a trustworthy enough connector, but we did not find at the time. Also we have noticed that many developers were wrongly building their own cables. That's why we decide to build Tailoo, a reliable enough solution we could trust.
Yes, the iRobot is right trying to protect their clients. Yes, that's why we offer you a high quality and tested connector.  No, no one has ever had your robot
injured because of Tailoo. Yes, Tailoo has been a solution for many hunger developers. Yes, you can ask us any question that you might have about it.

Hoo-Box team.

Wanna hack your Roomba? Here are the most common ways.

Make your own Cable

We have no problem to say, that you can build up your own cable. Actually, here's a good reference for that:


It is probably the cheapest way. Go ahead if you have time and skills.


In case you have no experience in soldering connectors and electronic parts, you can buy Rootooth, a bluetooth dongle interface for Roombas. You can get one for $99,95 right over this link.


$99,95 might seem a little bit expensive for some developers in the early stage of prototyping. I'm not saying Rootooth is not worth it, but maybe you are looking for a cheaper alternative.


Tailoo is an USB interface for Roombas that allows you to connect your Roomba to your PC using a simple mini USB cable for $29.95.

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You don't have to do any soldering, just plug and booom, done.