TailooApp is a simple software you can use to test the serial communication between your PC and Roomba. The software is a courtesy and it will be improved by you and me.

I just developed the first version as a kick start for hobbyists, fathers and their sons, students, curious and all people who bought Tailoo but do not have yet any programming skill or are on the learning process.

Please let me know if the app does not work with you, so I will try do to my best to figure out why. I really hope this can be helpful for you.
Any comments, bug report or questions, please post on the sourceforge forum.



- TailooApp - Version 1.0 Pickeral for Mac

-TailooApp - Version 1.0 Pickeral Windows

-TailooApp - Version 1.0 Pickeral Linux


- License File

Questions, comments...?

If you have any question or trouble trying to use TailooApp, please post on the sourceforge forum:

Some info:

The code is a pure runnable jar and I've wrapped into executable app for Mac and Windows, and into an executable script for Linux.

It works on any operating system that RXTX supports. You will need the RXTX libraries installed on your PC (CHECK THE README FILES). I put the instructions and files inside the packages (PLEASE, BACKUP YOUR FILES IN CASE OF REPLACING SOME). Let me know if you have any problem.

TailooApp uses the RoombaComm Library developed by Tod E. Kurt and maintained by Paul Bouchier, Jonathan Pitts & Matt Black. If you want to create a more complex program, I highly recommend to start from RoombaComm Library. For more information, please visit the RoombaComm website.