TAILOO (yep, TAIL + rOOmba = Tailoo) is a mini USB interface for Roomba.

With Tailoo you can easily connect your Roomba to your PC, arduino or Raspberry Pi, without soldering cables or dealing with Rx, Tx, GPIO or any stuff like that.

There are others ways to connect you Roomba. We have listed few of them on the main page. We created the Tailoo to be a cheaper alternative for a quicker prototyping.

Tailoo is a pretty small connector. You just need to plug it into your Roomba, and it will be ready to go.

Our main motivation is to help developers to complete their jobs faster. So we'll love to see what you can do with Tailoo and your Roomba.

You can check out more about Tailoo on this video [Tailoo Version 1. Same general properties of other versions].